Anna Hamer

Counselling Services

I am a private GP working in Central London. I have worked with Anna Hamer for several years.

During that time I have referred a wide variety of patients to Anna for her support. My patients find her kind, sympathetic and professional and I will continue to refer patients to her for counselling and psychological support.

Dr Laurence Laurence Gerlis MA MB BChir (Cantab) MRCP samedaydoctor Holdings LLP

Anna is fantastic - very personable and likeable, at the same time as being someone who immediately instills confidence. She helped me find a way to come to terms and cope with a difficult family situation that I had been struggling with for a while. I can't recommend her enough.

Abigail, 30

Working with Anna has helped me develop very useful and innovative tools that I have used to successfully deal with some of my emotional struggles

Stefano, 36Diplomat

I have referred patients, friends and family to Anna for ten years and her work with them has been transformational. Anna custom tailors a programme to enable them to transform the way they think, feel and behave and to help break unhealthy patterns. She helps connect the dots and allows my patients to achieve and understand how their current thought patterns are preventing them from living their lives to their full potential. She gives patients the tools to achieve their goals and an optimal life of health and wellness.

Dr Nigma Talib ND

Sessions with Anna have helped me to feel less overwhelmed by difficult situations and also to recognise my own strengths and achievements. Change really is possible.

Alice, 40Solicitor

Anna Hamer has quite simply transformed my life. After nearly 20 years of battling with mental health issues of varying degrees of severity at different times of my life, I was given Anna's contact details. I had previously made contact with counsellors of varying descriptions to arrange appointments and had either felt intimidated or uncomfortable with the individual and had cancelled the appointment in the days before attending.

When I committed to seeing Anna, having read her website and spoken to her on the telephone, I felt at ease with her approach, although still didn't know what to expect. From the outset, I felt safe and knew that I could be honest and open with her. After only a couple of sessions I was starting to assess my own situations differently, and over time, I have learnt how to handle on-going areas of my life that continue to be challenging, yet are managed from a different approach than previously.

Working with Anna does not just deal with the current situation, but she equips you with the tools to manage on an on-going basis, drawing from both current issues, and past experience. Weekly homework of tasks to be carried out on a daily basis also helped the on-going learning experience. I have referred many people to see Anna who have all had great success with her, many of whom had tried previous practitioners and failed too.

Lauren, 29Health Care Professional

[Anna is] compassionate and friendly with an astonishing memory, which makes the client feel that all of the work in the sessions has been absorbed and nothing has been wasted.

Anthony, 50Banker

I have been going through a particularly difficult and painful period in my life and the strain had become overwhelming but seeing Anna has been incredibly helpful and supportive. She has helped me to not only cope with my immediate problems, but also given me the insight and tools to have a more positive outlook long term. Her constant encouragement and understanding have been instrumental in making me see things differently, take charge and make important changes in my life.

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